Last Day to Sign Up for the Group Break — Yankees, Red Sox, Mets & More Available

I have to throw out one last reminder to get involved in my latest group break.  There are plenty of teams still left unclaimed.  Big ones.  Popular ones.  Ones that you want.

Oh, and I want to break these wide open in a couple days time, so if you’re already in, I’d appreciate payment be sent as to avoid any hold-ups.

You can find all the details at this link right here that I’m linking to.  Haven’t you ever wanted to own a 1996 Finest refractor?  You could.  Do you want a really, really high chance at getting a hit?  This is the break for you.  It’s buy one, get the second team random type slot system and as I’ve said, there are a ton of good unclaimed teams ripe for the picking.

What else could I possibly say to convince you?

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