Fleer-a-palooza, Pt. 2

Shortly after finishing up my post on the huge lot of early Fleer cards I recently purchased, I kind of accidentally won an auction for another 1800 cards from 1981 Fleer. I got them for a song- well below a penny per card, so the accident worked out just fine for me! Plus, the seller […]

2010 Topps Heritage review

As promised, here’s my take on this year’s Heritage. We bought ourselves a box from the good folks over at Dave and Adam’s and broke it on video because we love watching ourselves talk. Check out that video (and leave a comment/subscribe/rate us609247 stars if you’ve got a second- it makes us feel warm […]

Fleer-a-palooza, Pt.1

On a whim, I bought a lot of 3200 Fleer commons from 1981-1985. Everyone’s favorite eBay wholsaler Kruk Cards sells random lots of these from time to time (aka: like three a week) so I grabbed one. I paid less than a penny a card and was a little unsure of what to expect. Since […]

My First Trade (Through the Blogs)

It was bound to happen eventually, but I made my first trade through the blog (TTB) recently. Play at the Plate stepped up to the, well…um..plate, and we exchanged a boatload of Ginters.

He had seen our trade show loot, inquired about the minis and I sent off virtually all I had in return for […]

2010 Topps Heritage video box break!

2010 Topps Heritage box break!Just for our loyal readers (and anyone who stumbles upon it on YouTube- did you know that over a billion more searches last year were done on YouTube than on Bing?), we busted a box of this year’s Heritage on video. A full review to complement said video will be up […]

Deconstruction of a Card

While going back through some of the cards we’ve accumulated thus far, I came across the Andruw Jones 2000 Bowman’s Best we got as part of that quarter bundle at the card show.

I noticed that the protective coating on the sides was starting to peel off. It’s kind of tough to see in the […]

JD’s Dad Comes Through!

As promised, the right honorable Father of JD sent us our winnings from the awesome, amazing (and totally owned-by-CG) Olympic Challenge have arrived! All we knew was that we’d be receiving the contents of a tin of Sweet Spot. Little did we know how awesome those contents would be!

Read it and […]

More on Upper Deck, Exclusivity and the Hobby

You may all be sick of this stuff by now, but I’m fascinated by the lively discussion. There were a few comments from yesterday’s post that warrant a good response and I thought it would be more interesting to make into a separate post.

Alex and Wax Wombat differed on the true nature of Upper […]

Upper Deck settles lawsuit with MLBP

Well, I have to say this whole thing worked out much quicker and more cleanly than I would have imagined. I’m a little surprised that Upper Deck didn’t see it out and try to fight the claims made by MLBP, but when you get down to it, it actually makes sense in a weird way. […]

JDs Wild Olympic Challenge – GOLD!

We did it!

JD uber alles!

Unless you’ve been blogging under a rock the past two weeks, you’re well aware of a fantastic contest sponsored by our new favorite blog, JDs Wild Cardz! We drew Germany in the random selection process, and their fantastic performance in the games earned us enough entries into […]