Super Mailday!

The best part about going out of town for a week is coming home to awesome mail. Even better is awesome mail you forgot was even coming!

The worst part is when it happened like 3 weeks ago and the cards have been sitting on your desk, waiting to be stored properly and the sender […]

1981 Fleer Roundup

I’ve finally taken the time to go through the old Fleer lots and take down some numbers. I got very close to the 1981 Fleer set, which is awesome because (as I’ve mentioned before) that’s my birth year and I’ve always wanted to put together a set of ’81s from some manufacturer or another. So […]

Fleer-a-palooza, Pt. 2

Shortly after finishing up my post on the huge lot of early Fleer cards I recently purchased, I kind of accidentally won an auction for another 1800 cards from 1981 Fleer. I got them for a song- well below a penny per card, so the accident worked out just fine for me! Plus, the seller […]

Fleer-a-palooza, Pt.1

On a whim, I bought a lot of 3200 Fleer commons from 1981-1985. Everyone’s favorite eBay wholsaler Kruk Cards sells random lots of these from time to time (aka: like three a week) so I grabbed one. I paid less than a penny a card and was a little unsure of what to expect. Since […]