Reviewing That Offer From Last Night

Faithful readers and aimless internet wanderers alike saw my post late last night about what I should do with my Carl Yastrzemski die-cut card. I listed several different options, but the most popular one was to go for the 16 card trade that involved an Ernie Banks die-cut, so that’s the one I’m going to […]

How Would You Play This?

The original title of this post was going to be “Well, I guess I can quit my bitching now.”

Most of you blogging types have had at least a modicum of success in unlocking limited edition, super-special, hachi machi die-cuts from the Topps code factory. I had zero luck after series 1. I bought a […]

At What Point Does It Become False Advertising?

I’ll get to the main point of the post title in just a second, but first I want to encourage anyone who may have missed it to read Andy’s latest post below. It can be really easy for us to dismiss certain blog posts because of the title (I know I do it often when […]

Goodbye, Jody. It’s Been Fun.

We’ve had some good times and we’ve had regular times, but it’s time the times come to an end. Time.

Our sweet, dear Jody Davis has finally found a worthy suitor.

Ever since we unlocked the power of the hometown catcher on the Topps Million Card site thingy, we’ve seen all kinds of offers for […]

1981 Fleer Roundup

I’ve finally taken the time to go through the old Fleer lots and take down some numbers. I got very close to the 1981 Fleer set, which is awesome because (as I’ve mentioned before) that’s my birth year and I’ve always wanted to put together a set of ’81s from some manufacturer or another. So […]

Gentlemen, Start Your “Hawk” Eyes!

The time has come. We’ve teased it for a while now, but our first official contest is underway! Here’s how it works.

If you’ve been following our last couple posts, you know that we won over 700 packs of junk wax in an ebay lot. The packs ranged all sports (and we mean all – […]

It’s Coming…

Jon and I have both been out of town, but we’ve got something big planned… our very first contest!

Stay tuned for more details this week… and be prepared for something DAWSON.

(I hope the replacement of “awesome” with “Dawson” came through there… I feel like it didn’t have the soft-rhyming magic I had […]

Talkin’ Topps Trades

Boy, you just can’t avoid that Million card giveaway, can you? We’re still sitting on 3 codes — just waiting for the next all ’50s refresh to pop up. Aside from refreshing that page endlessly, the other thrill on the site is seeing what kind of trades are being offered and what you can offer […]

1958 Mailday

Who are these men? Are they the latest bach of Million Card Giveaway redemptions? No! They’re a lot of 16 1958 commons I kind of accidentally won on eBay for an average price of under $.50. Beat that Topps!

I won these kind of accidentally, really. I was just poking around looking at […]

Post-Show Post: The Goods

Well, we made it down to Joliet and back in one piece. Actually, two since there are two of us.

It was a mall show, and as Andy said, our first in at least a decade if not closer to 15 years, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. You saw the specs Andy […]