Goodbye, Jody. It’s Been Fun.

We’ve had some good times and we’ve had regular times, but it’s time the times come to an end.  Time.

Our sweet, dear Jody Davis has finally found a worthy suitor.

Ever since we unlocked the power of the hometown catcher on the Topps Million Card site thingy, we’ve seen all kinds of offers for the card.  See here and here for a couple examples.  Those were just the tip of the iceberg.  I don’t think a week went by where we didn’t get at least 2 people looking to pry that card out of our cold dead hands.  Wait, what?

None of the offers we got were all that great.  Yeah, we had some offers for star players, but they were all for junk wax years and I’m sure if we scrounged through enough shoe boxes in the basement, we’d find 5 of the cards offered.  To trade Jody would take something special.

Enter our bachelor:

A match made in vintage heaven

I realize after the fact that it’s too hard to see.  That’s Larry Stahl and Ron Tompkins of the KC Athletics.

Topps, thank you for holding a contest to see who can collect the most catcher cards.  Sure, the players on the 1966 card may not be names, but it’s a 1966 rookie card for a 1983 Jody freakin’ Davis.  Tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing!

Now we just need a who can collect the most 1966 rookie cards contest so we can upgrade to a 1950s card!

It’s sad to see you go, Jody, but as they say, if you love someone, set them free.

By the way catcher collectors, we still have an 05 Pudge waiting to be upgraded to 70s or earlier.

3 comments to Goodbye, Jody. It’s Been Fun.

  • Wow, that was a great trade. 🙂

  • Dudes, I want to trade with you. All previous attempts to secure that Mason proof from your Chicle break have proved fruitless thus far, but I am not giving up! Drop me an email and let’s talk about it.

  • AlphaDeus

    God forbid you try to redeem them..i just got a bunch of cards from the Topps redemption in person…wow..i mean wow….they were JUNK…i had a 1953 card with three major creases on it…you wouldnt buy it on ebay for $1 and that was the highest value card in the bo of more then 30 cards..a 1968 checklist card that had been scribbled on, others with major creases..i mean destroyed value major creases…i would be ashamed to give them away free to kids in my card shop kind of JUNK!.

    They may look good on the site but boy are you in for a shock when you spend your money and have them shipped to you.

    Think twice before shipping any of them….they are nothing like they appear…they are JUNK “AS IS”, more like “AS CRUD”

    Better to spend the cost of the pack buying a second rate old card from ebay or another auction could really ruin your time when they arive like they did me

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