2017 NSCC #9 – I’m Still Dumb

A couple years ago, I outlined how terrible my memory is by showing cards I bought at the NSCC that I already owned (or that accidentally bought twice at the show). Well, it happened again. This time, it was on a larger scale since I had a bigger budget.

Still no real excuse for a […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had #2

I have a tendency to start features and then ignore them for months upon months. It amazes me that bloggers such as Night Owl can not only start such ambitious tasks as the 50 greatest card backs of all time, but also maintain and complete them.

This series started in early November. It’s now basically […]

Late 90’s Topps Mystery Magic!

Many moons ago, I accidentally won a large lot of Kerry Wood cards. When I say “long time ago” I mean that, at that time, owning a large lot of Kerry Wood cards was a pretty desirable thing. Since Jon is now collecting Kerry Wood cards, I handed him the box and was happy to […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had

I haven’t had the opportunity to make it back to my hometown for quite some time now. I still don’t know what Thanksgiving will bring, but that will most likely be my first shot at it in three months or so. Not great considering it’s only 90 minutes away or so. My commute to work […]