Late 90’s Topps Mystery Magic!

Many moons ago, I accidentally won a large lot of Kerry Wood cards. When I say “long time ago” I mean that, at that time, owning a large lot of Kerry Wood cards was a pretty desirable thing. Since Jon is now collecting Kerry Wood cards, I handed him the box and was happy to […]

Would Your Team Sign This Guy?

The big talk around MLB is how “long” the negotiations between Derek Jeter and the Yankees have taken so far. With reports indicating that the two sides are up to $80 million and a couple contract years apart in their thinking, a resolution may not be coming any time soon.

Now, while I don’t necessarily […]

2003 Leaf Certified Materials retrospective

Going through some old cards at my mom’s house, I found the remnants of the very first full box I ever purchased. No, it wasn’t a 1989 Fleer box looking for that elusive Billy Ripken (those packs were $1 each retail… I absolutely cannot believe my 8 year old self paid that for them). No, […]