2011-12 Panini Past & Present Basketball Video Box Break & Review

Back in March, I did something I rarely do. I posted a preview for an upcoming product. While this blog comments on hobby news here and there, it’s usually in a editorial/commentary fashion rather than a straight-up news format. What made it even more unusual was that it was for a basketball product. I’ve flirted […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had #2

I have a tendency to start features and then ignore them for months upon months. It amazes me that bloggers such as Night Owl can not only start such ambitious tasks as the 50 greatest card backs of all time, but also maintain and complete them.

This series started in early November. It’s now basically […]

Cards I Didn’t Know I Had

I haven’t had the opportunity to make it back to my hometown for quite some time now. I still don’t know what Thanksgiving will bring, but that will most likely be my first shot at it in three months or so. Not great considering it’s only 90 minutes away or so. My commute to work […]

1981 Fleer Roundup

I’ve finally taken the time to go through the old Fleer lots and take down some numbers. I got very close to the 1981 Fleer set, which is awesome because (as I’ve mentioned before) that’s my birth year and I’ve always wanted to put together a set of ’81s from some manufacturer or another. So […]

Fleer-a-palooza, Pt. 2

Shortly after finishing up my post on the huge lot of early Fleer cards I recently purchased, I kind of accidentally won an auction for another 1800 cards from 1981 Fleer. I got them for a song- well below a penny per card, so the accident worked out just fine for me! Plus, the seller […]

Fleer-a-palooza, Pt.1

On a whim, I bought a lot of 3200 Fleer commons from 1981-1985. Everyone’s favorite eBay wholsaler Kruk Cards sells random lots of these from time to time (aka: like three a week) so I grabbed one. I paid less than a penny a card and was a little unsure of what to expect. Since […]

Talkin’ Topps Trades

Boy, you just can’t avoid that Million card giveaway, can you? We’re still sitting on 3 codes — just waiting for the next all ’50s refresh to pop up. Aside from refreshing that page endlessly, the other thrill on the site is seeing what kind of trades are being offered and what you can offer […]

1958 Mailday

Who are these men? Are they the latest bach of Million Card Giveaway redemptions? No! They’re a lot of 16 1958 commons I kind of accidentally won on eBay for an average price of under $.50. Beat that Topps!

I won these kind of accidentally, really. I was just poking around looking at […]