Breaking Mad-dux

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any cards for a while. I need to stop the unnecessary spending, cut back on my discretionary items, and focus on the material possessions I already have.

But, I broke.

I almost had to. When you come across a deal this good, you just have to dive […]

Semi-Weekly Trade Bait #2 – Moments & Milestones #2

I’m back with what I hope will be a regular series. Did you miss the first installment? Well, you can either scroll down a couple posts or check out the “Trade Bait” link at the top of the blog. There’s a 1/1, some other low numbered parallels and a few autos among others.

Today, I’m […]

The Calm Before The Storm

Do you feel that?

There’s a very strange look to sky and something is definitely in the air.

Yeah…. Yeah, I think it’s going to rain. I think it’s about to start raining strikeouts on this blog pretty soon.

Kid K’s to be precise.

As in through 2 separate transactions, I added over 150 Kerry […]

Semi-Weekly Trade Bait #1 – Moments & Milestones #1

With my card purchases down to virtually zero, it’s time to ramp up the trades. I have a ton of cards just sitting around that are waiting to find new homes. I’m looking to start a semi-weekly post series (subject to change due to work schedules, personal commitments, blackouts and other time availability) to showcase […]

Maddux Overload – 1994 Edition


The Dallas Cowboys handed the Buffalo Bills their 4th straight Super Bowl loss, earning their second consecutive win in the process.

The New York Rangers finally win a Stanley Cup after a 53-year long drought, then the NHL locked out its players.

George Foreman becomes the oldest ever heavyweight champion boxer.

Olypmic figure skaterNancy […]

These Are The Breaks

Before my finances got all out of whack and I had a steady stream of disposable income, I was able to take part in a couple cheap group breaks.

Now, normally, I give each of these their own post, but I’m not going to. Neither resulted in anything for my player collections anyway, so each […]

If I Were To Collect: California/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Edition

[The sixth in a series: I’m picking one player that I associate with a team (whether they spent the majority of their career there or not) that I would strongly consider adding to my official want lists. They may not always be superstars, or the most popular, and honestly they may not always be my […]

Deconstruction Of A Card – Jersey Relic Edition

Have you ever wondered how card companies get those little pieces of jerseys into their cards? Maybe you haven’t, but I know I have.

And I’m about to find out. Meet our victim.

Tough to see, but this is bent to hell. Look below the point on home base.

By the way, this isn’t […]

My First 2013 Starlin Castro Cards

I’ve been kind of obsessing over my want lists lately.

It seems like each post is passive-aggressively commenting on the overwhelming amount of new cards being added to the want section while my highlighted “haves” stay put. It brings my whole average down.

Like Starlin Castro batting average down. Let’s just say that we’ve both […]

Moving Backwards

It’s not hard to feel like you’re moving backwards in this hobby sometimes. A new set or two gets released in rapid fire and your want lists suddenly explode, all while you’re still trying (unsuccessfully) to tread water on the last couple sets.

Blogging can be like that, too. You start to make progress with […]