Topps Community Break Box #5: 2000 Topps Tek

Just a quick note before we start this box. I probably won’t be shipping any of these cards out until next week. I’m sorting and counting as I write these up, so I need them around a tad longer. I’m shooting for next Monday for my ship date. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get them […]

Topps Community Break Box #4: 2000 Topps Gold Label

Moving right along. Only 2 more boxes before we hit the new millennium. Similar to Topps Stars, Gold Label is something that stayed on the schedule for quite a few years before getting shelved. The main theme of the product is that there are different “Class”es of cards. Depending on the year of release, these […]

Topps Community Break Box #3: 1999 Topps Stars

If yesterday was bread and water, then today is the salad?

Okay, I could probably force my way through this analogy over the next 9 boxes but no one wants to see that and I don’t want to write it.

Instead, I’ll just say that next up is a product line that lasted much longer […]

Topps Community Break Box #1 & 2: 1996 Topps Laser Series 1 & 2

Finally! It’s 3am. I stayed up late to make a little progress on everything, so let’s kick this sucker off right!

My hope is to get a box up each day, but don’t hold me to that. I should be able to come pretty close to that, however.

To lead the way is a double […]

Quick Group Break Update

To those that have asked (and those that haven’t but may be curious),

I am working on getting the group break posts up and running.

I apologize for the delay, but please understand that opening, videoing, scanning, sorting, uploading, labeling and packaging 11 boxes of cards is a time consuming process. While fun, it is […]

Group Break Reminder and 1-Day Price Reduction!!

Hey, everybody! The Group Break is coming up muy rapido and too many good teams are still without homes. I’d like to change that by offering a 1 day only discount!

If you claim AND pay by the end of the day today, I’m going to knock $5 off the current prices for each level. […]

Pre-Group Break Group Break Post

I think by now you guys have figured out I’m a fan of large group breaks. I love variety. I love value. I love cards, and I love seeing or opening things that would otherwise go unseen or unopened.

(What’s that you say? I have an 11 box Topps group break currently taking sign-ups? Why, […]

11 Box All-Topps Group Break Reminder – Great Teams Still Available

You can find all the details here for my upcoming Group Break (aka Community Break).

It’s coming up faster than you may think. I’m breaking the boxes wide open in less than a week, so I’d like to get more teams claimed and paid for before then.

I know the prices may seem high, but […]

All-Topps Community Break Sign-Up Is Now Open!!

I’ve teased it long enough. It’s finally time.

This is going to be the biggest Break I’ve ever done and it still won’t break the bank for you. How does 11 boxes covering 10 products throughout 8 years sound? The break is going to be all Topps all the time, but not in the way […]

A Rally Cry For the Brewers (aka Inadvertent Jinxing)

Keep watching this space, because on Sunday I’ll be unveiling something that will keep this blog occupied for some time starting in late October. Once that starts up, I won’t want to stop everything to wedge in a trade post.

Luckily, I have no qualms about squeezing one more in before the announcement. Then I’m […]