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Boy, you just can’t avoid that Million card giveaway, can you?  We’re still sitting on 3 codes — just waiting for the next all ’50s refresh to pop up.  Aside from refreshing that page endlessly, the other thrill on the site is seeing what kind of trades are being offered and what you can offer others.

The beauty of it is that everyone’s trying to cheat the other guy, so I wonder how much trading actually goes down.  Here’s a rundown of the latest offerings:

You mean I can have your THREE cards for my one???!?

You may have to click to really see it.  Yup, someone’s after our dear Jody again.  At least this time it’s a superstar.  Under normal circumstances, I’d say this is a trade worth taking.  However, personal preferences says that any card from before I started collecting is greater than late ’80s junk wax – no matter how good the player.  Us being Cubs fans makes it tougher to pry away for such mass-production.

The other trade in the tiny picture is an offer for our Joe Cunningham 1966 High Number.  An ’07 Doug Slaten, ’05 Johan Santana AND ’05 Michael Bourn all could be ours for the low, low price of you’ve got to be f’ing kidding me.  See what I mean about people trying to rip each other off on here?

This is more like it.

This is a trade I would have made, but the user pulled it off the table by the time I went back to accept.  What was up for grabs had I been a little quicker on the trigger was a ’61 Charlie Lau, a ’78 Jason Thompson, and 1980 Larry Sorensen and Bob McClure cards.  Maybe the vintage collectors could give more insight as to who would be ripping off whom in this scenario, because I sort of feel like someone might have.

Hebner kinda looks like he's grabbing his junk

A straight up trade, but…’s an older card of a much worse player.  I can’t blame the guy for trying.  After all, check out this trade I proposed:

You can have my TWO cards for your cruddy old ONE card.

You have to play to win, right?  Two in the bush is worth one in the hand, but hopefully this guy thinks that 2 modern-era is worth the oldest Nolan Ryan card redeemed so far.  The fact that this hasn’t been rejected yet is success enough.  If this doesn’t work (and let’s be honest, it won’t).  I may just keep trying to pawn those two cards off for something nice and old – maybe not such a popular player next time.  It’ll probably work eventually, right?

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