JD’s Dad Comes Through!

As promised, the right honorable Father of JD sent us our winnings from the awesome, amazing (and totally owned-by-CG) Olympic Challenge have arrived! All we knew was that we’d be receiving the contents of a tin of Sweet Spot. Little did we know how awesome those contents would be! 

Read it and weep, non-Germany-having suckaz!

 Now, I’m not rookie expert, but something tells me that sweet on-card autos of a Tigers (nee Yankees) prospect with an MLB ERA <4.00 and the formerly-sans-front Alex Gordon are probably good cards to have in the long term. And there are probably worse relics to have than Ramon Martinez’ lil’ bro and the soon-to-have-the-best-year-since-Jack-Morris Verlander. And those base cards are numbered. If I had a good way to hyphenate descriptions of Pujols and Tejada, I’d be doing that here. Alas, I’ll just have to move on to talking about that little plasticky helmet thing on the Gordon auto. This is the first time I’ve seen one of those in the flesh and I rather like them as a gimick. I’ll tell you, though- that’s one thick card. Thick as a mub up in this piece. I suppose it’s no different then those manupatches in retail Topps, though the design on these helmet cards is much better- they’d look great as a set in a binder… if they made sleeves even close to as thick enough to hold 1/8 of one of these bad boys. Seriously. It’s thick. 

But not only did we get some sweet autos and plasticky shiny helmet goodness… 

Hulk necks... UNITE!

 The very first cards in our brand new Community Gum Cubs Collective Collection! Wherein we will showcase all the Cubs cards that nice folks on the internet send us! And probably some that are still sitting in our moms’ houses. Point is, since we’ve been out of collecting so long, we basically have no relics or autos (though, Jon pulled a Ripken auto from 1991 Donruss- seriously, someone actually pulled one of those… and it was Jon! JON!). So we’ve got sweet relics of A-Ram and C-Zam (why did that nickname never take off?)- someone send us a kickass Jeff Baker pants relic and we’ve prctically got the opening day lineup! For the record, I love the design of those Goodwin relics- if I were to pick a relic set to put together, it’dbe that one! 

But seriously- we can’t thank JDs dad enough for the great prize and support. As the new guys on the block, it’s so cool to be welcomed to the cardblogging fold with such Sweet-Spotty arms! Anyone else think that sounds vaguely leperosy-related? Anyway, keep an eye out for our 2010 Topps Heritage video break and review coming soon. In the meantime, I’ll be busy toiling away at Sony’s MLB 10: The Show for all those gaming types out there. It’s hard work, but someone’s got to help you find that replacement for MVP 2005 you’ve been looking for since EA lost their license- talk about exclusivity!

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