A Couple Things You Might Like to Know…And Two Videos

So, in all of the Kobe heart-pounding excitement, I forgot to tell all of you that we finally got around to posting that Crown Royale Triple Patch card on ebay as well. Unfortunately the market has dropped out some for this card, but hopefully we can get a nice little playoff rally going and get […]

Pack Lottery Contest Winners Announced

Before I get started with all of the results, I want to say that you all should come back tomorrow for our NEXT contest (already!). 01/11/11 will be our 1 year blogging anniversary and we have a high-end contest in the works to celebrate the occasion!

Now…Get your lucky tickets ready! It took a while […]

2010 Topps Series 2 Video Box Break

Everybody loves box breaks! Everybody loves the Topps base set! Everybody loves us! Nobody loves miscut cards….

We opened 2, count ’em, 2, boxes of Topps Series 2 Jumbo. What can we say, we got suckered into the hat patch craze.

We walked in with virtually no expectations, and came away a little hurt, a […]

2008 Bowman Chrome baseball video box break

Like I said: we’ve been busy. Not with bustin’ wax (or rhymes, in Jon’s case) unfortunately, but that’s all about to change… We’ve got boxes of Chicle baseball on their way as we speak. And we promise to not spend 80% of the break laughing at the cards this time. Plus we’ve got Topps Series […]

Does this change your opinion?

Well, in terms of viewer voting for whom I should collect (yes, my title was grammatically incorrect), it’s a landslide. The Riot leads with, I believe, everyone’s vote.

I think I have my mind basically made up and I’ll announce the lucky winner(s?) on my next post, but I just wanted to share this with […]

2010 Topps Heritage video box break!

2010 Topps Heritage box break!Just for our loyal readers (and anyone who stumbles upon it on YouTube- did you know that over a billion more searches last year were done on YouTube than on Bing?), we busted a box of this year’s Heritage on video. A full review to complement said video will be up […]

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football video box break!

As promised, here’s the video edition of the Philadelphia break that birthed Jon’s in-depth review. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave some comments- it makes us feel special! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Twitter to get all the latest updates!


1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3 box break / Andy’s introduction

As an introduction from the other half of Community Gum (that’s Andy for those keeping score), here’s the very first box break we’ve ever done. Check out all the 31337 MoJo HITZ!!1

Now that the best 8 minutes of your day is done, I’ll explain a bit about myself and what inspired me to […]