A Trade With The Sandlot That Goes For-ev-er

**Quick update for all the Community Break participants: Your packages went out the door today! Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted. The product breakdowns, along with showing off some of the goods still up for trade, will be starting any day now. But first, I have to properly honor at least one […]

Big Trade with Reader John

Posting want lists is a beautiful thing.

Not too long after I finalized my player collection spreadsheets and linked the google docs on our trade page, Reader John contacted me about taking care of some of those un-highlighted areas.

I sent him some Longorias, Lincecums, Greinkes and a few others and in return I got […]

2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball Review

If you’re the type that likes watching out of sync box break videos, check it out here. For those of you who like written words as opposed to spoken, see below.

Main Set

It’s tough to review the main set, because it’s not really clear what the main set is sometimes with this product. It […]

2008 Bowman Chrome baseball video box break

Like I said: we’ve been busy. Not with bustin’ wax (or rhymes, in Jon’s case) unfortunately, but that’s all about to change… We’ve got boxes of Chicle baseball on their way as we speak. And we promise to not spend 80% of the break laughing at the cards this time. Plus we’ve got Topps Series […]