Group Break Second Team Randomizer

Okay, I’ve made you guys wait long enough.  I’m still awaiting payment from two parties, but I’ll go ahead and keep proceeding as if they will pay.

I’m going to open these boxes on Monday now if all goes according to plan, so payments must be in by the end of the weekend (see original post for details on where to send the payment) to keep the slot.  Otherwise, I guess I’ll be keeping even more cards.

Anyway, before we do the randomization, here’s a reminder of where we stand in terms of slot number and teams claimed.

Slot 1 – Jon, Community Gum (Braves)
Slot 2 – Jon, Community Gum (Padres)
Slot 3 – Play at the Plate (Rangers)
Slot 4 – Dodgers88 (Dodgers)
Slot 5 – Baseball Dad (Indians)
Slot 6 – Dave (Blue Jays)
Slot 7 – Daddyoho (Phillies)
Slot 8 – Nachos Grande (Reds)
Slot 9 – Junior Junkie (Mariners)
Slot 10 – Play at the Plate (Yankees)
Slot 11 – Jon, Community Gum (Cubs)
Slot 12 – Jon, Community Gum (White Sox)
Slot 13 – Jon, Community Gum (unfilled)
Slot 14 – Jon, Community Gum (unfilled)
Slot 15 – Jon, Community Gum (unfilled)

Yowza, that’s a lot of me!  I think if I try another group break in the future, that I’ll need to rethink a few things first.  Anyway, here’s a pre-randomized list of the teams left unclaimed

I took out the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays and Diamondbacks as they weren’t around in 1996 and only have a very small chance of showing up in the 2002 hit-galore box.  That leaves 16 teams for 15 slots.  After hitting the random button three times we’re left with….

So, the pairings now look like this:

Slot 1 – Jon, Community Gum (Braves & Pirates)
Slot 2 – Jon, Community Gum (Padres & Royals)-TRADE
Slot 3 – Play at the Plate (Rangers & Angels)
Slot 4 – Dodgers88 (Dodgers & Mets)
Slot 5 – Baseball Dad (Indians & Brewers)
Slot 6 – Dave (Blue Jays & Giants)
Slot 7 – Daddyoho (Phillies & Red Sox)
Slot 8 – Nachos Grande (Reds & Tigers) -TRADE
Slot 9 – Junior Junkie (Mariners & Cardinals)
Slot 10 – Play at the Plate (Yankees & Twins)
Slot 11 – Jon, Community Gum (Cubs  & Rockies)
Slot 12 – Jon, Community Gum (White Sox & Orioles)
Slot 13 – Jon, Community Gum (Marlins)
Slot 14 – Jon, Community Gum (Athletics)
Slot 15 – Jon, Community Gum (Astros & Expos/Nationals)

I think some of you lucked out with those pairings considering all the dredge that was out there.  I’ll leave team trading open until Sunday night.  Just leave a comment on this here post and if both parties agree, I’ll make the changes on the list above.  I bet it won’t be too hard to trade with me as long as it’s not a team I originally claimed in bold. Oh, and if you want the Rays or D-Backs for whatever reason as your second team instead, let me know.  I’m hoping to open and post the first box on Monday night for everyone to finally enjoy.

Happy trading and good luck in the break!

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