February 2019 Ebay Wins

Last year, I didn’t get around to posting my February ebay wins until June of that year.  I’m a couple months ahead of that schedule now, but I’ve been slacking a bit as I work to get some trade bait stuff going again, which is just about done.

This month is a light one.  I was holding off on buying a lot until I saw what bills might come through for my gall bladder surgery, but I really didn’t have to restrain myself very much as there weren’t too many cards that came up in my price range that month anyway.


Yes, there are still Bunt cards I need. In fact, I keep seeing a vastly overpriced Arrieta galaxy orange insert come up. I bet that when comes up as a .99 auction, I’ll have a good shot at it.

Not a terrible shot to have to see a dozen times over

The hunt for 2019 parallels begins.  The vintage stock aren’t the most exciting, but they exist and Topps doesn’t seem too keen on removing a parallel set when they can just add more on top of what’s there, so here we are.

Much better

First look at the black parallels and I can already tell that the parallels are going to look a lot better than the base cards. Of course, I’m in the minority in that I don’t like the design.

I love the subtle refraction on these

Here’s the most expensive purchase of the month and one that I wasn’t really actively seeking. I have my alerts set up for Maddux and Thomas Transcendent and I happened to check the seller’s other listings (as I do from time to time) and saw the Rizzo.  I bid on this and a Maddux hoping to combine shipping, but since this is the last card of the month, you know how that turned out.  Still, it’s nice to knock another card from a car-priced product off the list for under $10.

Yep, only 4 this month. I’ll let you decide how strong it was, but I’m happy to get what I can and happy I’m able to manage getting as much as I do. April will be even lighter than this, but we’ll get there. First will be a slightly different March.

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