Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs

This won’t take up too much of your time, but I wanted to at least acknowledge the end of the Chicago Cubs’ 2015 season.

Simply put, we had a great run!  I know that some people at the start of the season expected really big things out of the Cubs, and Vegas even had them at 1:15 odds to win the World Series (one of the best odds offered).

Personally, I thought that was a big stretch.  We have a lot of young players.  We were going to rely on rookies and budget role players, and historically young players do not all pan out.  Optimistically, my projection was to be third in the NL Central, although we would have to battle the Reds for that honor.  Then, maybe in 2016 we could shoot for a playoff spot.

What happened to this team was pretty remarkable.  Just about every rookie we brought up actually contributed to the team and proved that they should be major leaguers.  These are not people that are good role players, but guys like Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Jorge Soler (although injured for most of the season), and Addison Russell truly have the ability to be regular All-Stars.  Of course, time will tell because there’s no question that MLB pitching tends to adapt and figure out the better rookies, but right now it’s encouraging.

And yes, we did make third in the NL as predicted, but there’s no way I would have predicted a 90+ win season, or a spot in the NL Wild Card game.  Honestly, I’m happy with a winning record.  I’m absolutely thrilled with a postseason appearance.  Then to take out the Pirates (sorry, Pittsburgh – this could have been your year otherwise), and to take out the Cardinals right after (definitely not sorry for that.  That team was superhuman for no good reason), was a dream come true by itself.

I pulled this from a birthday box a couple years back

I do wish the series with the Mets would have gone differently.  I was hoping we could win a couple games at least, but we once again got swept in a postseason series.  What can you say?  The biggest positive to take from it is that we didn’t let any games slip away.  We never had a lead.  The Mets straight up beat us.

The last time we win the playoffs before this was 2008.  We were swept in 2007 by the Diamondbacks.  Then the following year, we had a magical regular season, but were bounced in 4 straight by the Dodgers.

I said this on twitter as well, but while I’m sad the Cubs lost, I’m certainly not disappointed.  They exceeded my wildest expectations, and I’m really excited to see how we can build off of this success and make another good run at it next year.  Maybe we can even be so lucky as to avoid the Wild Card step (not holding my breath for that).

Got this in a X-Mas pack my parents bought me – Hope he’s still on the team next year.

Regardless, I know that they are going to play hard.  These young kids don’t quit.

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