2017 Cubs – The Ninth 10 Games

Well, the season was fun while it lasted.  The Cubs have officially been eliminated from the playoffs and while I’m writing this, game 7 of the AL NLCS is in progress (and I don’t plan to update it after it’s over).

With the season done, this series is just about done for this year.  I’m just about out of Cubs oriented M&M cards (still tons of Braves and a few Frank Thomas ones), and I have an idea for next year if I revisit the concept.

I’ll go all the way through the 100 game mark, but only because I have the scans formatted and into the draft already – I just need to do the strikeout research on baseball-reference.  So, here’s our penultimate look and it gives us 5 wins.

It’s a miracle we even got to the playoffs, to be honest.

Congratulations to the Dodgers

Strikeout #107
July 22, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds

Maddux went the distance, but only managed four strikeouts.  The first of which was the first batter of the game.  Hobby favorite Bip Roberts went down swinging in 5 pitches.  He got Maddux’d.

And Congratulations to whichever AL team wins

Strikeout #115
July 27, 1992 – Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs

The top of the 5th inning was K heaven.  All three went down without contact, but this card is about the first out in the fifth, Gary Varsho.  I’m sure I’ve heard of the guy before, but I can’t remember the name.  Anyway, he swung and missed.

It should be a fun World Series regardless

Strikeout #118
July 27, 1992 – Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs

Later that same game, Greg notched his 8th strikeout (of an eventual 10) in the top of the 7th.  This one came to Jay Bell.  That was Bell’s fourth strikeout of the game.  Golden sombrero indirectly documented on cardboard.

Hopefully we can get back into the mix again next year

Strikeout #140
August 11, 1992 – Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs

Greg managed 7 strikeouts in the game, but this last one came in the top of the 5th.  Opposing pitcher Ken Hill was the last victim falling in three straight pitches.  Maddux pitched three more innings after this, but with no extra contributors to the 199 total.

And the year after that?  We’ll see!

Strikeout #184
September 21, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at New York Mets

This was a 10-1 route which brought the Cubs to a 75-75 record on the season.  The 19th win of the year saw six more strikeouts and this is the third of those.  The bottom of the 5th rolled around and Jeff Kent tried to get the offense going (the score was already at its 10-1 landing spot), but clearly he failed or else I wouldn’t have mentioned him.

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