To Rip Or Not To Rip

As the wise poet Ja Rule once said “It ain’t even a question.”

To my recollection, I have not pulled a rip card from a pack.  I’ve been very lucky throughout my collecting days, but never had the fortune to land this particular type of card so far.  Maybe this upcoming Ginter year will change that.

Either way, the best and most efficient way to get a rip card would be through the secondary market.  The biggest problem is that people like to do the thing that the cards are intended to have done to them.  I’m not interested in already ripped rip cards.  I prefer my cards to be intact.  That causes a bit of a cost problem, but it won’t stop me from searching.  Obviously I found one.

Way back in 2007

This was an August ebay win.  A little after Ginter came out this past year, I decided to escalate my search. I had rip card fever and I came across this beauty.  These older rip cards are a lot tougher to find. Most are either already ripped or in the hands of people that want them unscathed.  I’m pretty happy to have this one.

But I wasn’t done!

Ten years later

One month later, I won this guy, too.  The seller asked me to let him know what was inside, but I had to break it to him that I’m daring to not.  I did at least put a magnet up against it to see if there was a metal mini inside, but there is not.  Sure, there may be something really rare in this, but nothing would be more personally valuable than keeping the card just as it stands.

I don’t know how many more rip cards I need overall, but I’ll assume the answer is too many.  Still, it’s a great feeling to finally get my hands on the first one (and second).

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