February 2018 Ebay Wins

While I’m getting caught up on the Cubs schedule a bit, I’m farther behind on my monthly Ebay purchase breakdowns.  I’ll get there.  I just need to do more than one a month a few times and I’ll be there.  Gotta take in fewer cards than I’m posting out.  All easier said than done when there’s so much out there to buy.  January was small, but February was a decent haul.

Yup, this set again

To start, I found someone selling a partial team set of the black parallels.  These are not numbered, and so I didn’t have a saved search going for a long time.  Still, I want to keep my eye on them, because the black versions show up once per box, making them potentially more rare than the greens.


This purple Fire of Lester has shown up from several sellers and while I now have my copy, I still have to double check when it shows up in my saved search emails.

Just need one more black Arrieta

The 2018 parallels have been a lot tougher to grab, but I’m still finding good luck with my 2017 auctions.  I know this is a subset, but still counts!

Who needs a bat?

The pinks have been tough in general.  It seems like fewer of these pop up for some reason, compared to blues that are the same print run.


Speaking of blue, here’s one!  The market for Hendricks is so volatile. It’s weird.

Da Boo Die

And another.  See?  More common.  Topps must have run out of toner for Series 2, because that blue shade is not as pronounced as the S1 above.

No one likes the wave in baseball

One of my least favorite things about modern collecting is that each year adds new levels of parallels.  Now we have gold waves to contend with in our chrome, along with the regular gold refractors.  These waves are kind of gross.

He didn’t win the 300th game with the Braves

Lastly, we have a Maddux relic #/100.  I honestly don’t know how I found this, but obviously the price was right.  There is a mountain of Maddux relics that are still on the want list and here I am with my little spoon trying to shovel.  Still, progress is progress, right?

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