June 2018 Ebay Wins

June was a bad month.  I don’t really want to talk about June.  I was rarely home.  Bad things happened.  It was a mess and a dark time.

Being overseas, I didn’t want to look at stuff to buy.  I didn’t want to expose my paypal to any foreign IPs, etc.  So, it was a light month.  Only three ebay cards total, but I managed to keep the autograph train going.  July, on the other hand, will be massive.

I miss the case busting days. We would have opened a lot of these packs

First, I’ll start of kind of small.  Baez wins are still hit and miss.  Sometimes, I’m the only bidder and other times they go for a lot more than I would imagine.  Guess which one this is.

Only took 8 years to find a decently priced copy of this

Joy of a completed year?

Okay, so unofficial poll time.  This is possibly the last 2010 Greg Maddux card I need (only 5 total if you can believe it – this and 4 from Topps Sterling I got a long time ago).  However, with the whole Upper Deck fiasco that year, there were two unannounced cards that made it into packs with foil stamped serial numbers, but evidence suggests the number actually packed out is much less (thus putting them below my print run limit).  They are an Exquisite Collection “base” card #/75 and an Exquisite Collection Patch card #/50 (both were put into some 2010 UD packs with the intention of them showing up across all UD products in 2010, until the lawsuit forced the company to pull all planned baseball releases).

So, given my criteria, would you consider them as needs?

I wonder who signed first

Here’s the big one.  Very big.  I love it when stuff like this pops up on my radar at a time I can afford to make a pass at it.  If I recall correctly, this went up for auction a few times, the first couple got no bids on a high opening price.  Then it fell down to earth and I made my move.  I may have bought the card for the Kerry Wood signature, but I’m thrilled to have a Nolan Ryan auto as part of the collection.  The craziest thing about this card, is that it’s not even the most expensive Kerry Wood card in my collection.  That honor goes to a different multi-autograph card.  But that’s a very short story for another time.  For now, I have to prepare for what will probably be a three-part July ebay haul adventure.

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