Twee-Commerce – Gwynn Edition

There are all kinds of resources for collectors to purchase cards.  Well, maybe not all kinds, but several.  I have that monthly series showing off my ebay wins.  I recently spent a portion of my Sportlots selling credit on a boatload of cards.  I do a couple COMC buying binges a year.  I know there are other selling websites, but I haven’t ventured into them as of yet.  Maybe someday.

There are also message boards (haven’t tried), craiglist (did get that Cubs season ticket giveaway, but nothing else), online apps (haven’t seen anything worthwhile), and facebook (not a member).

All have their advantages and disadvantages, but the one I’ve have the most fun and most success with lately is Twitter.  Quick side note: if you are a blogger following me on twitter and I don’t follow you back, please let me know because it pretty much has to be an oversight.

I’m not great at interacting with people on Twitter. Many days I’ll just read but not reply.  But a lot of people have started to sell things on the cheap over there and I’ve been inclined to take them up on those offers.  I’ve toyed with selling stuff myself, but that will wait until 2019.  For the time being, I have a big stack of twitter cards to show off (along with big stacks of Sportlots and COMC cards to show off), so let’s get started by just looking at some new Gwynns.

Gotta love that uniform

I may bounce back and forth between sellers, but I start with this 1st Home Run insert from JennyMiller521.  She collects Twins and Miguel Sano and is much better at talking to people on Twitter than I am.

Retail white

These next three are from Mrbkscards (known to most of you as Play at the Plate.  My understanding is that he’s not really collecting actively anymore, so a lot of his stuff can be bought for cheap.

I want a set of people with only one homer total

That allowed me to get this blaster medallion thingy.  I think they’re from blasters.  They’re heavy, and very maroon, and I probably need other players of these, but this gives me the highly coveted full set of Gwynn 1st home run parallels.

There’s a relic version of this because of course there is

This insert is from the same year as the others, and I don’t like it as much.  When I see this, I don’t see bats. I’m thinking bread sticks. I’m thinking eclairs.

I have 6/20 patterns from this year

Also from Brian, is another chance to name that Tek pattern!  I don’t recall ever seeing a colored non-rookie pattern before.  I think these might be a little more short printed than some of the other patterns, but I still got it for less than a dollar from him.

Pattern #18 – Yellow Snow

I don’t like this year’s design, but it’s better in chrome

Lastly for today, are a couple of 2018 Optic Gwynns courtesy of StadiumLites.  I don’t fully know what they collect (aside from ’49ers).  What I do know is they offer a lot of good cheap deals on cards and are super organized.

I feel like I should be able to press on it and make the colors change

Sometimes you have to be really quick to get those cards before someone else.  I get a little tiny adrenaline rush when I see something I need, like this shock parallel, and it’s a thrill when you get the confirmation the card is in your stack.  There are a lot of ways to buy cards, but twitter may actually be the most fun right now.  Thanks to all those sellers out there for these and many more cards yet to be seen on here.

Oh, I almost forgot. There are group breaks, too!  I’ve done some more of those.  You’ll see that after I give thanks for another trade (no purchase necessary) next time.

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