Close to Caught Up With A Key Exception

Somehow, some way, I have virtually caught up on all my trade activities.  There are a couple packages that arrived shortly before my surgery yet to be featured (4 of them in total), but otherwise, I’ve at least written one post on the rest.  So, even though I have several multi-post trades to finish up, I’ve at least started the path.

However, there is one trade partner that is impossible to keep up with.  Kerry, also known as Madding, also known as Cards on Cards just keeps sending me more stuff out of nowhere and I’m so, so far behind in showing off every card (as is my goal).  He is also the sender of one of those 4 new packages I got a couple weeks back.  I might get to that one by the end of the year if I’m lucky!

To put it in perspective, these cards are all from a package I got in November of 2017, and what you see below is not even all of that grouping.  I guess at some point I’ll have to break my 9 cards per post rule to fully catch up.  Alright, enough intro. I can’t spend my time yapping if I’m going to make progress.

Heritage is a great way for some players to get a second card

He always hits several player collections at once, including a couple of the tougher ones like Rondon.

I repeat, second cards.

Or the really tough guys like Montgomery.  There are less than 150 cards for Mike, and not too many people will take the time to check (or if they do, few will have ones I need).

Hoping for a consistent offensive year from Almora

I opened two boxes of 2017 A&G and yet I still needed a few Cubs.  That’s because most of the cards in both boxes were duplicates.

The locket set

I think Lester was a short print this year, but I’m too lazy to actually look at my lists to confirm.

I love the 1992 set more than 1991 and I know I’m in the minority

Madding is also usually pretty good at filling gaps for products I simply never buy. I didn’t have interest in trying to buy any packs of this.  I have too many cards I need to off-load as it is.

I sense even more improvement from Jason in 2019

Same goes for Chrome.  I pretty much never buy Chrome.  There are so many dang parallels that I know a box won’t get me anyway, so I’m happy to leave that open for traders.

Smoky water HDR

His trades also usually come with a surprise or two.  I have no idea how he might have come across this Inception card, but I’m super happy to have it.

Sorry, Jake, but I hope the Phillies tank

I actually bought one box of Museum during that year’s National.  There are so few base cards in each box, it’s amazing that they aren’t valued more.  Different markets and all that, I know, but still.  If they were numbered to their actual production run, I bet you’d be surprised.

Looks can be deceiving

Lastly, for today, we have a fake rookie card.  If you were to flip this bad boy over, you’d see it was one of those Berger’s Best inserts.  Just about every year needs to have its reprint insert set, and for some reason they don’t avoid the last 5+ years.  That’s okay, I have the real Bryant RC already. I did not have this insert.  Now I have both!

Well, thank you again, Kerry for all of the trades and surprise packages, etc.  I still owe you a stack from the most recent thing you sent me and I’m almost able to actually do that.  Hopefully that goes out before you send another one!

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