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In my never-ending (and barely-begun) search for all things Stadium Club (baseball-only, non-sticker-auto’d, not-numbered<50), I’ve had to make some seriously questionable purchases. In fact, I’ve made many so far that I’ve not even gotten around to shaming myself with on the blog. But this one I’m moving to the front of the pack because my shame is your gain!

Hardly classic, barley on the scoreboard and some XRC heaven/hell!

There are only 3 things I care about in this picture.

First and foremost, I need that silly ass Stadium set. They usually sell for a buck plus $5 or $6 shipping. I got this whole lot for $9 shipped I think. Normally I’d rather just not have the BS and stick with only what I need, even at a higher CPC (Cost Per Card).

Secondly, that little red Score box has the fabled Mark Grace RC (technically an XRC, though my understanding of that phrase has been called into question recently). I’ve already got at least one of these, but I’ve never pulled one out of a “pack” so to speak, so that was fun.

Thirdly, a guy I don’t collect but probably should is also in that 1988 Score Rookies & Traded set: Craig Biggio. Great player, great career and great RC (again, XRC, though he didn’t have a regular issue 1988 RC like Grace did). Like I said, I don’t collect him, but it’s hard not to want one of those in the PC, isn’t it? I’ll post scans of those two eventually- they look pretty good, even though I’m not a condition nut.

The rest of the stuff is useless to me. I may pull a Grace out of the Classic Blue set (if there is one- I haven’t looked yet) and I’ll definitely hand over all Madduces and Thomases (including his XRC[?] in the 1990 Score Rookies & Traded) to Jon, but the rest is up for grabs. The rest, in case you can’t make it out from the picture is:

– 1988 Score Rookies & Traded set (less the Grace and Biggio)
– 1990 Score Rookies & Traded set (less the Thomas)
– 1990 Upper Deck High Series set
– 1989 Topps Major League Debut set
– 1990 Classic game (blue w/ pink)
– 1990 Classic travel edition (pink w/ blue)

So here’s the deal: hit me up with a comment and tell me what you want from this lot that’s on that list up there. If it’s not an entire set or huge lot, I’ll PWE you those cards at no cost to you. I will, however, reserve the right to ask you one favor- any favor- for the rest of you life. Okay, not any favor. I’ll just ask that you keep an eye out for stuff off my want list (especially Stadium Club!) and sent it my way when you get the chance. No pressure. I won’t be keeping track or anything. Honor system.

That’s not too much to ask for some junk, is it? To just keep me in your thoughts? To picture my smiling face every time you run across a First Day Issue version ofa 1993 Stadium Club Mickey Tettleton? To check in on me and make sure I’ve not been crushed by the cases of 1994 Stadium Club I’ll need to open to get the damn Golden Rainbow parallel set?

Okay, now it’s getting creepy. Comment below, plz thx.

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