Topps Community Break Box #4: 2000 Topps Gold Label

Moving right along.  Only 2 more boxes before we hit the new millennium.  Similar to Topps Stars, Gold Label is something that stayed on the schedule for quite a few years before getting shelved.  The main theme of the product is that there are different “Class”es of cards.  Depending on the year of release, these levels may be more difficult to obtain.  In the box we opened, the odds seem even.  All that means is you have 3 versions of each base card to chase after (not including the rare parallel versions, of course).

Gotta get this in before you're sick of the gold deluge that will be 2012 Topps

It’s worth mentioning each and every time, all of these boxes are courtesy of our good friends and Community Break Sponsor: BASEBALL CARD EXCHANGE

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No camera difficulties this time, thankfully (aside from the back lighting and shoddy auto zoom feature that comes standard, I’m afraid).

As always, for the video uninclined, I present to you visual representations of shiny cardboard that may be heading to your team stacks.

Nice selection of inserts

We got a couple bonus inserts this time around.  The extra Treasury is beating the odds by about 2 packs, and the Bullion comes in at 1:32.  I honestly don’t get the Prospector’s Dream insert if Chipper is featured 8 years later.  There are plenty of rookies or near rookies that could fit the bill.  Or…take Burrell out of it and just go all-star vets.

Anyway, these all look great.  Hopefully those of you that will receive one (or 2 – Phillies) will enjoy them.  By the way, can you believe the Braves has hit an insert in each box so far?

Select base cards

I figured those unable to watch the video would like to see a few cards from the set.  Here you have 2 of the 3 classes for a couple players.  I don’t remember seeing any player with all 3 classes in the box, but for position players, there’s one hitting, one fielding and one running.  Pitchers have different phases of the pitching motion and fielding, I think.  They are much more rainbow-y in person.

This box was all Phillies all the time.  They walked away with 10 set cards  & 2 inserts! Congrats to Daddyoho!  By the way, the Maddux insert doesn’t get counted on the totals below since it’s not going anywhere.  In other news, I’m glad no one claimed the Brewers.  Yikes.

Team breakdown so far:
Anaheim Angels – Base:  25 –Inserts/Parallels: 1  –Hits: 0
Arizona Diamondbacks – Alec– Base:  9 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Atlanta Braves – Colbey– Base:  33 –Inserts/Parallels:  4 –Hits:  0
Baltimore Orioles – Hobb’s Knights– Base:  16 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Boston Red Sox – Summa Cum Lousy– Base:  11 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Chicago Cubs – Base:  14 –Inserts/Parallels:  3 –Hits:  0
Chicago White Sox – Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Cincinnati Reds – Jason C– Base:  10 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Cleveland Indians – Baseball Dad– Base:  22 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Colorado Rockies – Cards From the Quarry– Base:  14 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Detroit Tigers – Grand Cards– Base:  11 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Florida Marlins – Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Houston Astros – Base:  11 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Kansas City Royals – Base:  8 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Los Angeles Dodgers – Stealing Home– Base:  13 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Milwaukee Brewers – Base:  4 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Minnesota Twins – Base:  9 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Montreal Expos – Base:  16 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
New York Mets – The Sandlot– Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
New York Yankees – Baseball Card Hall of Fame-Base:  29 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Oakland Athletics – Base:  11 –Inserts/Parallels:  2 –Hits:  0
Philadelphia Phillies – Daddyoho– Base:  20 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Pittsburgh Pirates – Base:  9 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
San Diego Padres – Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
San Francisco Giants – Cheap Card Collecting– Base:  9 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Seattle Mariners – Baseball Card Hall of Fame– Base:  12 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
St. Louis Cardinals – Cards on Cards– Base:  18 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Base:  7 –Inserts/Parallels:  1 –Hits:  0
Texas Rangers – Play at the Plate– Base: 15  –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Toronto Blue Jays – Dave– Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0

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