Blue Tape Brigade

In my most recent post, I sung the praises of the #TwitterTrade.  Well…second verse, same as the first.

This time, I’m talking about Charles, aka @SWLVGUY.  He’s another must-follow on there.  Not only is he a great trader, as you’re about to see, but also a fantastic twitter ambassador for the hobby.

Oh, and he uses blue tape – always a big plus.  Let’s see what was securely shipped over to me.

Yeeerrrr out! Of the NL!

My Starlin Castro is still quite small, and it’s missing a lot of easy to find smatterings such as this.  Once I feel safe spending money on cards again, that may start to change a little bit.

More Pro than Prospect

My non-Cub Dempster collection is the same way.  I very recently added these to my want lists, so I expect them to trickle in here and there over time.

Is this your card? Ball!! I mean ball! Dammit....

Here’s  an upgrade to a 1986 Gwynn I already had.  I feel like I need to add more older players to my collection just so I have an excuse to ask for more 1986 Topps cards.

stencil this!

I think 2013 will be spent focusing more on Tony Gwynn over Maddux and Frank Thomas.  Then again, maybe I should go after those two to avoid the post- HOF bump.  Hmmm.  Also, Score got real bad, real quick.

Pinnacle Plus? More like Pinnacle Minus

How’d you guess this was a foil card on a scanner?  Did Tony G-Wynn tell you?

That's going to hurt

What you don’t know is that the foil name is covering a big snake that got loose on the field.  I think you can guess the rest of the story.  RIP.

Just wait until Topps makes these mini reprints

I’ve mentioned that I’m not a fan of minis several times before and this is a great example why.  The card is small enough, we don’t need 25% of it taken up by a spray painted white border.

don't go stealing my fingerprint now

There should be exploding lights in the background of every single “Naturals” subset card.

The Professor looks confused

I love the filmstrip at the bottom of the card, but these things would be even better if the pictures were actually slightly different.  That’s how films work, you guys.  Each frame is slightly different than the next and when you show them at a high enough speed, it gives the appearance of motion.

He would have had a monster season if 1994 wasn't shortened

Why no.  No I did not have 1995 Topps Frank Thomas in my binders.  Why yes.  Yes I am still looking for the Cyberstats version.

All aboard the Big Hurt X-Press. Your conductor - Nolan Ryan

“Hey Frank, what are you gonna do with that bat.”
“Don’t worry about it Frank. It’s none of your concern.”
“I am concerned. I don’t like the look in your eyes.”
“I’m just gonna mash a few taters, k?”
“K.  Good later.”

Designated Home Run Hitter

You know all those sell-sheet and promotional card images that show fake photoshopped foil areas?  Yeah, 2003 Donruss forgot to turn those into real foil.

Oh, for fu---

Of all the people I collect, The Big Hurt has the most angry/frustrated photos by far.

Ah First Edition. How your lack of foil still fails to distinguish you

Or, at least furrowed brow.  He’s a thinking man. Give him some space.

Art cards!

Frank Thomas makes one appearance in 2012 Ginter, and that’s in the form of this insert commemorating FT’s back-to-back MVP awards.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the card, but don’t you think the subjects for the set should be reserved for 2011 season highlights?

What an awkward design this is

Okay, we’re down to the last three.  In 2000, Kerry was technically a pro, but injuries still left him in that prospect limbo status.

Your standard puke gray version

The concept of the Topps Rookie Cup set intrigues me.  I may have to break down and buy a box one of these days.  It helps that there are a boatload of parallels I still need, and I bet a lot of you bloggers also need.

Gold! I promise!

Lastly, we have the card that started the trade.  This is one of those retail rack pack exclusive gold bordered mini parallels.  It looks more gold in person.  Here it looks black.  When Charles mentioned that he found this, I pounced immediately.  Now, I’m only the NNO version away from a complete 2012 Ginter rainbow.  That’s the closest I’ve come to something like that.

Most of these cards were a complete surprise to me.  Like I said, the guy is a great trader and a true collector.  It’s always fun to meet more of you out there like that and I look forward to trading plenty of Astros his way in the future.  I suggest you hunt him down and do the same.

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