Anniversary Cards From Years Past

This week marked my 6th wedding anniversary.  That’s a very strange thing to think about.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that “long.” I remember the wedding quite vividly and even though I can mark various benchmarks and events on a timeline over the past six years if forced, my general impression is that it feels like maybe two?

I assume that’s a good sign.  Overall, we’ve been together for 14 years (another crazy number when written or spoken aloud, because mentally I feel like I’m in my early 20’s), so there’s certainly a level of comfort we’ve grown into.

Part of that is that we kind of don’t care too much about giving anniversary gifts.  Our joy lies in celebrating with a high-end restaurant of some kind and possibly finding a show/performance.  Beyond that, maybe we’ll find a little thing to give as a present, but we leave each other to our own devices.

These past couple years, that’s meant I’ve gone card shopping.  I don’t need much that I don’t already have in life, and hobby-wise I’d rather just buy singles myself than to feel like I’m forcing her to figure out this weird complicated want list thing I’ve got going.  So, for this installment I went to COMC last year (or maybe two years ago – again, time flies) and found some fun stuff to congratulate myself on not messing things up over the past year.

Overflowing with invisible fans

I should have looked closer at this card when I was making my “advertising” post a while back.

Part of the 5+ year married club

Normally when I’ve binged on that site, I’ve focused my attention on numbered cards.  There are still plenty of them to be had on the cheap and it feels like I’m accomplishing more with my collection for some reason.

From the year I got married

This is my second Topps Marquee card from this first year.  Aside from the unnumbered one, it’s all increased rarity from here.

Shine on, flameout

This is a special one for me.  I think some of you may understand that I’ve grown to appreciate new Marmol cards more now that I’m over the 50% complete mark.  This set is tough, and the parallels can be a bit overpriced (in my opinion).  So, to finally get this green #/99 within my price range puts me one step closer to a complete year. Only 3 more from this set and 2006 is done.

Not legal tender

The other thing I look for are specific oddballs, like these coins from Pinnacle Mint.

1997 seen here and above

These are the bronze ones that came 2 per hobby pack for the most part.  There were silver and gold ones as well, but those had long odds and still pull in bigger money.

1998 looks…off

I believe the same structure may be true of 1998.  All I know is bronze are pretty easy to find for less than a Sacagawea coin and I may never have those other metal alloys.

Probably got a hit or two with that bat – assuming it’s real

The third thing I search for, and lowest priority, are dirt cheap relics.  To meet the mark, it needs to be under $4 for the hall of famers and under $3 for the rest.  Why?  Well, I figure if I win an ebay auction with a minimum bid, that would be about the same price.

I love this picture

Look, another Marmol card!  This is from the online exclusive Topps Mini boxes.  If I’m reading my want list correctly, I need maybe 5 more relics total.

White Sox jersey? Probably not.

Last up for today is a third relic.  I’ve had good luck finding Big Hurt cloth pieces on there so far.  I guess it helps when the card is “A’s” with the picture and “Blue Jays” in name for a player that mostly Chicago fans care about.  Still, I needed it and I’m not discriminating.

What can I say, I think I’ve been pretty lucky finding keepers in all areas of life.  Okay, that was cheesy and terrible.  Good thing she doesn’t read this blog or else maybe she’s realize her mistake.

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