A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 7

I have a few newer trades that came through over the past couple weeks, which is great.  Pretty soon, I’m hoping to get another round of trade bait out there to see what other stuff I can catch.  I have a small trip coming up, but after that I’ll hopefully put things together for both trade and sale.

In the meantime, I’m not hurting for my every third day trade posts, and while I’ve started showing off the newer stuff some, I don’t want to fully put the larger, started trade packages on hold.  So, re-enter Bill for the penultimate batch of cards.

As mentioned before, Bill doesn’t have a blog of his own, but he’s known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database and his want lists are fantastic (and found here).  With the new release of Ginter, now is the perfect time to give him a look!

From here on out we’ll be looking at some random stuff.  I can’t think of good product themes, so it’s all about the randoms that are leftover for these last two parts.

Tradition of solid color backgrounds

I’m starting with what I believe was the oldest card in the bunch.  I think that’s going to happen a lot with John Lackey cards.


I don’t know my player histories very well.  I’m learning that 2010 was when Lackey went from the Angels to the Red Sox, because this is the “after” card from the update set.

Looks over-exposed

Now, Hammel has two cards in the 2011 set, but there was no team switch.  Just some weird choice from Topps.  It will make parallel hunting doubly fun.

Dust is flying

No double cards this year for Miguel, and that’s fine because they got the picture right the first time.

Kinda looks like catcher’s gear on the border

This one is not as dynamic.  Bowman all runs together to me. I always have to look it up.  I already looked this up and already forgot it.

Robot dance

There are a lot of kids in this 18U set that do not pan out.  Almora is not one of them so far.  In my mind, he would have been the Cubs 4th All-Star this year, if they were lucky enough to have that.

Stray hair again

I know this is a completely different year than the Montero, but it also isn’t that different.  I know design doesn’t matter as it’s all about the prospect autos.

Wrigley’s not that empty usually

The amount of Carl Edwards Jr. cards being produced has drastically reduced in the past few years.  I’m pretty happy about that as I have a ton of catching up to do from his prospect days.  I know some people don’t like the 2016 design, but in some cases, like this, it makes for a really cool rookie card.

Figure I’d start with Lackey and end with Lackey

Counterpoint to the above.

Anyway, thanks again to Bill for the great cards.  I’ll be thanking him one more time as there is just one more part to go (at least until the next time we work out a trade).

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