Hey, That’s My Prize!

A little while back, “Hey, That’s Mine!” held a contest where all you had to do was comment to enter.  The winners (five in total) would get one of Big D’s world famous custom cards featuring the subject of his or her choice.  Why would he do this?  Well, because he likes making custom cards, and we all certainly like looking at them.

I was lucky enough to be selected and earlier this week, this is what I received in the mail.

Pitching in a sea of awesome

Of course I was going to pick Maddux.  Would you guess anything else?  And just in case future generations doubt that I actually won the contest, here’s my proof on the back.

And you're not, so there!

Thoughts on the card?  In a word:  Amazing.

Big D does it again.  You have the before and after of a pitch delivery showcased and perfectly framed.  Maddux looks determined (blue in the face, if you will).  I love the way he’s essentially punching through card.  The Cubbie Blue tinting and sidebar looks even better in person.  All-around great stuff.

Everyone knows Big D could battle the major players with his designs if given an opportunity, so I’m thrilled to have this unique piece of cardboard as a cornerstone of my collection.  Thank you very much!

[NOTE:  I broke our blog….I noticed that the post titles weren’t working the way they should.  To me, they read “Auto Draft” when it should say “Hey, That’s My Prize!” and Andy’s post below should be titled about the Case Break.  I thought updating our theme would maybe fix that problem, and it just made things worse.  I have searched everywhere but can’t figure out how to get our logo back and I’m pretty sure I messed up a bunch of other settings too….  It’ll be back to normal at some point  – or to a different theme – sorry for the plant pictures]

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