2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Video Box Break

Did you guys know that a new baseball card product has been released recently? It’s called Allen & Ginter and it’s got funny cards in it. Plus minis! I think this set will really catch on. Maybe we’ll even organize some sort of contest with goofy rules. Anyone, here’s the first ever video box break of this product. We hope you like it!

Okay, it’s time to get for cereal. We busted this like a month ago and the video’s even been up for like 2 weeks but I was waiting until the Cuffing had come to some sort of completion. We promise there’s non-Ginter-related stuff on deck here. Including a catch-up post from me, who hasn’t posted in a long time due to vacation, funemployment and self-employment. I promise it will be filled with Royals! And our first venture into TTM successes and failures (sort of). Now that your appetites are whetted.. maybe I’ll get to work on making the site not look like the WordPress default torture theme. Peace out!

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