$10 Group Break Slots Still Available!

The deadline to get your team reserved for our first ever “Community Break” is drawing near.

If you want in on the fun, you have a good chance.  5/6 of the teams are still available for the picking!

Red Sox – Peterson
Orioles – Peterson
Indians – Hank
Mets – Hank
Cubs – Jon
Maddux cards from Braves/Padres – Jon

All the rest!

All teams are $10, except for the Braves, which will be $6 since I’m taking all the Maddux.  Please keep requests to 2 teams and payment isn’t due until at least the next friday.

Also, feel free to request dibs on trading for a team.  I don’t expect all the teams to fill up and if no one buys in, I’ll give the commenter first refusal rights on everything for the ball club.  A good way to potentially reserve cards of your favorite players.  You don’t see that in most group breaks, do ya?  That’s where the community comes in (besides the blog name).  I would love to see people get involved in this, even if they aren’t spending money.

If you want more details about the products being busted, follow this link.

Also I will mention that 2004 Topps Total didn’t happen.  But still, contents of 5 products (6 boxes) for only $10 (or trades)!


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