Pack Lottery Mailing Update

Just giving everyone another update.  All of these packages went out Wednesday:

Captain Canuck
Cynical Buddha
Dawg Bones (both contests)
Dion’s IP Autos Only
Jason C
Jason Cline
Matt H. (both contests)
Nachos Grande
Night Owl
Play at the Plate
Rhubarb Runner
San Jose Fuji
Steve D
The Daily Dimwit

If you had trades in progress with me before/during the contest, those cards are all lumped together.  A few of you got the PWE treatment to keep my costs down, but I tried to keep it limited to those getting a limited amount of cards.

For the rest of the people I owe packages to (by my count, 16 between the two contests and previously arranged trades – Joe I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, just saving the big stuff for last), I’ll probably be doing the next round of actual mailing on Monday, but I’ll be working when I can to get them packed up so I can make that the last round.

I may not have addresses for a couple people yet, so please check your emails to see if I sent you one asking for it.  It may be in your spam folders.  I’ll get a reminder email out in a couple days if I haven’t heard anything.

Thank you everyone for being patient with me while I get all of this together.  And don’t forget to enter our Century Collection contest!  You could win our entire high-end pack of autos and relics!

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