2010 Topps Platinum Football Video Box Break

Due to a combination of the 2nd blizzardiest blizzard in Chicago history and the perfect storm of laziness + birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day celebrations, I finally got around to cracking a box of 2010 Platinum football that I originally intended to be a live break during the Super Bowl. Enjoy it!

I’m glad my cell phone has a camera that shoots 720p, but less glad that it accepts no manual control of focus or aperture. Especially when dealing with the uber-shiny of Topps Platinum.

I’ll probably do a review of this at some point, but the product is so old and I’ve seen so many breaks of it that I’m not sure I’d have much to add to the conversation. In case I never get to it, here’s my Nine Words Or Less review of Topps Platinum football:

Shiny is pretty but can’t cover lame design.

For more Nine Word reviews (of movies, that is!) check out my movie review site, Nine Words Or Less. We’ll be doing our first podcast soon!

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