Fleer Community/Group Break Reminder

There’s still plenty of great teams left to be had in the second Community Break.  Find all the details here if you’re a fan of the following teams:

Anaheim Angels –
Arizona Diamondbacks –
Chicago White Sox – 
Cincinnati Reds
Florida Marlins
Houston Astros –
Kansas City Royals –
Milwaukee Brewers –
Minnesota Twins –
Montreal Expos –
Pittsburgh Pirates –
San Diego Padres –
Seattle Mariners –
Tampa Bay Devil Rays –

C’mon!  Where are my Reds, Marlins, Brewers, Twins, and Rays fans at?  I know there are several of you out there for each team.  Remember, if you spread the word, you get a discount.  Cut off is March 14th, so don’t delay!

Come join the fun of breaking 7 early 2000 era Fleer Boxes for a nice, low price.  Who wouldn’t want in on that?

And if you missed it, check out my non-group break post from last night right below this one.

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