2010-11 Panini Classics Video Box Break

Yeah, I know, it’s like Panini freakin’ central here. But what can I say, Tracy keeps sending us boxes to open and we have to do our duty to bring you guys free cards. Watch ’em (it) and weep (laugh)!


There you have it. More Panini auto/relic/parallel/insert/insert parallel/relic parallel/auto parallel goodness. I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

We’ll have our full review up shortly, along with a contest to make sure one of our fine readers gets the cards you see being opened above there. Stay tuned!

4 comments to 2010-11 Panini Classics Video Box Break

  • Great video as always guys.

    I really like the design of this set…it’s a little bit crowded but I think they still somehow manage to make it look fairly clean in spite of the giant numbers. The relic cards and autos are very well done, and I have no problem with the sticker auto when it blends so well with the card.

    I agree that the blast from the past set is ridiculous, but it’s always nice to see Bosh in a Raptors jersey. I guess that’s the point…actually probably the only reason they made that insert set was to get a card of Lebron in a Cavs jersey.

    Glenn Robinson is and has always been the Big Dog.

    And please BUST MORE WAX on video, you guys are the best in the business at video breaks. Hire a wedding planner and free up some time 🙂

  • […] I complained about this in our box break video, but those Blast From the Past inserts are terrible. I’m talking “Blast From the […]

  • steven walker

    really liked some of the cards especially the blast from the past great product thanks for showing us

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