2010-11 Panini Classics Contest Winner Announced

Hey folks- apologies once again for the delay and lack of activity lately, but I can report that Jon’s wedding this weekend was a joyous occasion and fun was had by all. Congrats Jon!

Also congrats to the winner of our 2010-11 Panini Classics contest winner, announced in this here video below. We had 9 proper entries and all the videos you guys like were, indeed, classic (as is everything we put to video). Not to toot our own horn, but we’re two pretty hilarious, good-looking and golden-voiced gentlemen. That’s not going too far, is it? At any rate, here’s your winner!

Congrats to Nathan! We’ll get an email out to you ASAP, buddy!

And don’t forget to follow both here and on YouTube for contests… there’s no telling where the next one might show up!

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