2011 A&G Boxes Still Available Here

Hey everybody, did you hear?  Breaking news! Allen & Ginter is live!

Oh, you did hear that already?  Fine then.

Well, did you hear that we, Community Gum, the people writing this right now, the official sponsors of GINT-A-CUFFS iii, still have boxes available?

We do?  Yup, we do!  And we have even better news.

We are officially lifting the one per participant limit.  Leave a comment or better yet, email us and we’ll combine shipping like nobody’s business!

If you still want one box only, we don’t discriminate.  In fact we made it nice and easy for you.  Just follow the link right here and click on the paypal button for the super-low Gint-A-Cuffs discounted rate!

Just think, the one per case state box topper could be yours.  The winning box could be yours.  We’re the official sponsor, so of course the boxes have to be good, right?

Don’t like your first box that you already opened and want to try another? Why go back to the same well when you can keep it in the blogging family?

How many more reasons do you need?  Allen & Ginter is live, people! It’s alive!

1 comment to 2011 A&G Boxes Still Available Here

  • Curse you guys and your low prices! My first box from one of the “big boys” was more expensive and didn’t yield what I was hoping it would…so I placed an order for another box with you! Send it quickly please…I’m already starting to feel the A&G withdrawl!

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