2003 Leaf Community Box Break Video

Hey guys! As Jon mentioned a couple nights ago, we opened our box of 2003 Leaf baseball we purchased with the winnings from a Panini review box. If you’re new to the blog or to the story of this box, I’ll quickly recap in bullet point form.

  • We opened a high end hockey box from Panini for review and pulled a very sweet triple patch (viewable at the bottom of this post)
  • Since we have very few hockey readers, we put the fate of this card to a vote by the readers, who chose the option to have us sell the card and use the winnings for a free box break in the future
  • Jon and I sold the card for $50 or so and found that 2003 Leaf baseball fit our criteria and that price range for the free break
  • Many moons passed
  • We asked people to comment on each of 5 different blog posts in order to claim their team’s cards
  • We opened the box on video
  • We sent the cards to everyone who claimed a team and commented on the 5 posts (pending)

We shot the video on Thursday and I hit the export button with every intention of posting it last night. However, my computer almost melted (from all the HOT mojo hitz, most likely!) and the export and upload did not go as smoothly as planned so everyone got a whole extra day of nervously awaiting the results. Well folks, here it is in all it’s 720p HD glory!


It’s a long video, but well worth the wait. If you’re not into that sort of thing (the video sort of thing, that is), I’m sure we’ll get a breakdown of the box posted at one point or another and, of course, get out the cards to everyone who participated. Thanks again to all of our readers- if we had the money to hold nothing but free group breaks, we’d do it all day long. Maybe if Jon had won more than $2 on his Mega Millions tickets we’d be having a different conversation right now but, as it is, for everyone who completed the steps required to claim your cards, please drop us a line with your address to make sure your cards get to you. Everyone did just fine in this break (with the exception of the Orioles and Brewers who kinda got hosed, honestly… sorry) so be sure to let us know all the details. We don’t need these cards clogging up our apartments and we want them to get to the people who earned them by reading CG and making us feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks again!

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