Stadium Club-a-palooza!

As some of you may know (or may have once known and forgotten because I haven’t posted in over a month) I (Andy) am a Stadium Club fan. In fact, I’ve made it my long-term goal to collect everything Stadium Club baseball. So naturally, when one of our oldest blogging pals Colbey over at Cardboard Collections told us he was hosting an all-Stadium Club Affordable Group Break, I absolutely had to get involved. Now, when it comes to Stadium Club, I know I’ll need to buy tons and tons of boxes in order to reach my goal. But, with 1993 Stadium Club, I’ve already hit the point of diminishing returns. I’ve got more than one set of the base already and really only need a couple of Master Photos and a bazillion 1st Day Issues to complete me 1993 collection. I’m not going to reach that goal by opening boxes. So I donated 2 of my extra 1993 Stadium Club boxes (Series 2 and Series 3) to the break to make it more appealing to folks.

Obviously I’ll be joining the break as well (Colbey’s Affordable Group Breaks are among the best in the blogging world- just ask my blogging partner Jon!). But, before I pick my team(s), I wanted to make sure everyone got a fair shake at signing up. I don’t need any base cards from the break and I certainly wouldn’t want to take away someone’s chance of pulling cards of theire favorite team or player, so I’m holding off on my teams until this thing is almost filled! So do not hesitate! Pop over to the sign-up page and claim your team before I do! That Will Clark 1st Day Issue isn’t going to pull itself!

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