Keeping Things Small

The good news is that I’m back.  I have a new laptop to replace my randomly shutting down desktop and I think it’s all set up to handle what I need it to do.  I also am 2 weeks into my new job working from home.  I currently have tons and tons of extra time that I never had before for the next couple months.  So why haven’t I posted until now?

No real reason.  I simply decided to enjoy solo TV time and focus on some backlogged videogame action.  Those Batman: Arkham City riddles ain’t gonna solve themselves!

Anyway, to help me get back into the swing of things, I’m going to keep things small.  My last three posts have either dealt with minis (plenty still available for trade!), small quantities of small basketball players or small stickers.  Why not stick with that theme.

A couple celebratory stickers

This trade comes courtesy of reader Brian.  This one came through around the same time as my last sticker trade.  I’ve found they come in bunches.  And that’s quite alright.

No longer wearing blue

The Cubs website had a story early in the post-season that mentioned the possibility of Dempster returning to Chicago.  After seeing how much the Red Sox threw at him, I can assure you that we weren’t going to match that by a long shot.  Good luck in Boston!  This one goes in the binder.

On to the album pages!

AL Before

I like the look of the team pages and the fillable brackets, but…

AL After

…I don’t like the lack of foil this year.  No flash or pizzazz at all.

NL Before

More of the same over here.  You can’t expect much more than that.  Of course, you also can’t expect to find sticker numbers on these spaces.  That made it tough to trade a couple times.

NL After

I’m really hoping that Topps cleans up some of the strange issues we saw with the new set coming out in just a couple short months.

Thanks to Brian for the quick and easy trade.  That got me this much closer to finishing the album.  I’m hoping my side was just the boost you needed to finish yours as well!

To the rest of you, I’ll be back again soon assuming the PS3 doesn’t steal me away again.

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