Last Year’s Birthday Cards

I usually don’t advertise this type of thing on the blog, but this is my birthday weekend.  I don’t advertise it, because I honestly don’t really care about my birthday.  That’s not said to garner sympathy, it just stopped being important to me for whatever reason.  I even sometimes forget about it.

Other people don’t forget.  Like my wife and family that gave me money that went to cards that mostly have yet to arrive.  Also, my blogging partner (?) Andy didn’t forget last year when he gave me these cards.  Actually, what you’re about to see is a combo birthday/Christmas thing.  If we are able to exchange gifts again this year, I hope I won’t take a year to show them off.

Love the division via seams

This is actually the second time you’re seeing this card.  The first was in a trade post back on June 14, 2010.  I was so young back then….  3.5 years later, it’s up again because I needed a second copy for my Kerry Wood binder.

Looks pretty real to me

Some of you may remember that Andy is a Stadium Club fiend.  Well, in his quest to collect anything and everything S.C., he accumulated some duplicates that he tossed my way.  I don’t know if this virtual reality card is meant to be like the cyber stats thing or not, but it doesn’t seem to be so from the back.

The gold foil means it's different

There’s also this grumpy golden rainbow parallel of a subset.  Sets need more subsets these days.

We're not "finished" yet

Here’s a Frank Thomas one too.  For those that don’t know, the regular ones have a red foil in the text.  This is patterned gold.  I have no idea where the “rainbow” part of the name comes in.

Just another picture of Frank flicking off the camera

Yay! First Day Issues!  To me, this is what Stadium Club is known for, more so than the Member’s Choice.  That little stamp makes a world of difference.

Another one!

Not that I ever fully understood what the stamp meant.  I just knew they were rare and it was like hitting the lottery.  Now, thanks to the internet, they’re not too difficult to obtain, but I still appreciate them.

Look a little more excited, dude!

Now we’re on to the heavy hitters.  This card was a very nice surprise.  I knew Andy was collecting the Tier One autograph set (and has since abandoned that), so I hope he got a good deal on this sweet piece of cardboard during his searches.

Tony's not excited either, but I am!

But the overall winner has to be this other Tier One auto.  Any birthday that involves getting an on-card autograph of a Hall of Famer is a good birthday.  Even if I didn’t remember it was happening.

Thank you very much again, Andy!  I hope you decide to come back to blogging sometime soon.  I’ll hold down the fort until then.

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