2016 Cubs – The Second 10 Games

I had fun putting together the first of these posts, so why not make it regular feature?  If nothing else, it’s another excuse to show more random cards.

I’m behind due to vacation, and getting caught up with work after vacation and then getting sick after vacation, so I don’t remember everything that happened during these games, but I do know that we continued to do well, winning 7 more games.  This season has been pretty fun.  The record is just a bonus.  I really hope everyone is enjoying their season as well.

Enough talk, let’s pick 7 more random Kerry Wood cards (because I have a ton of them) – one for each win – and celebrate that baseball season is still happening!

I miss Flair

This stretch of ten games saw us lose our first series against the Colorado Rockies.

I don’t miss SP Authentic.  At all.

But, more importantly, we also took two series against division rivals on the road, beating the slow to start Cardinals and the Reds.

May be one of the better contemporary SPx looks

As a side note, I’m really surprised by the Cardinals and Pirates.  I know the Cubs have had a hot start that’s unsustainable, but I have to think that both of them started off on an equally unsustainable bad stretch.  Expect this race to get close as things even out.

I kinda want to open a box of Diamond Connection.  They’re kinda cheap, too.

Some of our wins were really big and lopsided, which was a lot of fun to watch.

2003 was a pretty good Cubs year too, for a while.

However, it fired up the hype machine.  Run differential, run differential.  Will we get the record?  I don’t give a flying W flag.  Let’s just get to the playoffs.

Not an MVP worthy card design

I’m happy that we are able to find ways to win.  It’s nice to have a pretty big buffer in the win column to start the season.

This is much better

Because I’m telling you, no matter how safe that lead seems to be, anything can happen.  Right, 2003 Kerry Wood?

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