2016 Cubs – The First 10 Games

I don’t know if this is going to be a regular thing or not, but I’m excited that baseball is back.

I’m more excited that the Cubs started off the season performing very well.  8 out of 10 ain’t bad.  It’s actually really good.  And it’s a great bonus that the other NL Central teams have somewhat struggled.  To celebrate the Cubs hot start, let’s show off a Cubs card for each win.

The scanner is a Cubs fan too, it made this nice and blue

I’ll spare you with details of every game, because that also means I’m sparing myself from having to research that stuff when the people that care most will already know.

This guy should have a ring

So, instead I’ll use this opportunity to clear out some old scans of Cubs cards.  Maybe I’ll find a better connection than that in the future, but today’s not that day.

What happened to third edition?

These Kerry Wood cards have been sitting in a folder since 2011, waiting their turn to be posted.

We won a bunch of games with this guy

And it took a generic subject such as this to post these bland cards.  But, it did help me realize that this is the “retail” version of SkyBox LE.  The non-retail is die cut at the top.

Limited by the Sky

Sky’s the limit with the current Cubs line-up.  Sure, we may have lost Kyle Schwarber, but I’m not as devastated about that as others might be.  Let’s see what Jorge Soler can do.

This card is so 12 years ago. So vintage

I don’t know where most of these cards came from, but I think this one was in my box break.  Then again, maybe someone claimed the Cubs?  I don’t know.  Does it matter?  The Cubs are in first place!

Just wait till that ivy grows

I know that all of these 10 game stretches will be this solid, but most of them were on the road, so to walk away with only one loss is great.

This is what it looks like now

I know it’s not mathematically possible, but I hope that all of you out there have these stretches several times through the year.  Well, unless your favorite team is a different NL Central team.  I want to enjoy this as long as possible.

You know what?  Let’s just start the playoffs now.  Who’s with me?

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