More Older Birthday Cards

I said I had more birthday cards from past years, and I meant it.  I have a bunch of them, including a few heavy hitters that I may share soon.

Tonight, I’m going to keep it nice and simple and finish up the Greg Maddux cards I got from COMC last year.  I don’t usually get many Maddux cards from that site since deals are tougher to come by.


Those are bad places to be cut

I really wanted this to be fully die cut, but it’s a die cut glued to paper.  This insert finishes up my Emotion XL needs (for this player, at least), which is the main reason I got it.


Starbursting all over the place

The best deals are in the un-numbered parallels and insert categories.  Many can be found for less than $1, so the real decision becomes could I realistically expect to see this in a trade some day?


David Cone on the other side

I’ve seen the regular version of this insert quite a bit.  The “exposure” version hasn’t crossed my path as far as I recall.


Never won the MVP. What a loser.

You know, sometimes I’m just stupid.  I didn’t realize that this was miscut at the time for some reason.  It’s pretty obvious, but I guess I had tunnel vision.  Birthday ruined.


Silver stars

At this point, I have just about all the normal Topps Stars cards.  I still wouldn’t mind ripping a box some day.


Another cheapo insert

Oh, nerd humor.  Greg Maddux is really in his…element…on the mound.


Second day in a row with poiple

I also find that Greg’s non-Cubs/Braves cards are less popular.  Go figure.  That lets me swoop in and take care of this gaudy parallel.


Bagwell looks like Travis Hafner here

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m glad that Maddux only has one pairing.  Kerry Wood has two and that makes things tougher to track.  Love the gold foil, though.


Boxes. Boxes everywhere.

It may not be the flashiest card in the bunch, but days where you can grab a cheap numbered relic of a HOFer is a good day.  A good birthday, even.

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