2017 Cubs – The Second 10 Games

So, I know I said in the “first 10 games” post that I would be showing off a lot of cards from the new player collections/current Cubs, but then I had an epiphany.

I have a boat load of Moments & Milestones cards because I actively seek them out, and I’ve come across a few large lots for low prices.  Plus, a couple years ago I bought a nice amount at the NSCC.  It makes perfect sense to celebrate the Cubs wins with these, even though sometimes I’ll be posting these that focus on strikeouts rather than wins.  If you’re not a fan of my event summary style on these, then you can probably avoid future posts (if you weren’t going to already).

Games 11-20 ended up in another 6-4 record, so let’s check out 6 stat recaps from Greg Maddux’ time with the Cubs.

This whole series of 199 Ks is with a Cubs uniform

Strikeout #103
July 10, 1992 – Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs

In the top of the third, Maddux ensured the game stayed scoreless by striking out the side – all looking.  This last one was probably the least impressive as he would K his future teammate John Smoltz.

I bought all of these at the NSCC

Strikeout #104
July 10, 1992 – Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs

The next strikeout of the year came with the very next batter for his fourth straight.  He got Deion Sanders in six pitches. The last one, swinging.

Not a bad streak of chronology

Strikeout #106
July 10, 1992 – Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs

The last strikeout of the day would finish out the 5th inning.  Another looking strikeout, this time to Jeff Treadway on three straight pitches with a runner on second and down 2-0.  Smoltz would get the last laugh as he threw a shutout (but not under 100 pitches).

Such a boring image

Strikeout #116
July 27, 1992 – Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs

This card is from his second and final 10 strikeout game of the year. His 6th of game was also his third against Jay Bell.  His swing and a miss was just part of striking out the side and preserving a 2-1 lead.

I think these were $1 each

Strikeout #126
August 6, 1992 – New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

It only took four pitches to get the first out of the game, forcing a swing out of Mets leadoff man Chris Donnels.  That was the first of 27 outs earned that day, eight of which would turn out to be added to the year’s total.

Not terrible, but I’m always on the lookout for cheaper bulk lots

Strikeout #138
August 6, 1992 – Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs

Greg Maddux only lasted 8 innings in what turned out to be a 17 inning marathon that the Expos would ultimately win.  This one was the fifth of the game.  Bret Barberie would lead off the 5th inning by going down swinging after 5 pitches.  5-5-5: A meaningless coincidence.

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