SPx-cial Trade

It’s not uncommon for trades to contain a bunch of cards from the same sets.  If you’re a team collector, it probably happens to you all the time.  Heck, my upcoming trade bait is going to be set based, so I hope I’ll be sending out a lot of those packages to you.

I’d also venture to guess that it’s a more common occurrence when dealing with new sets.  Someone opens a box and you get the spoils they don’t want (again, hopefully coming soon here!)  What’s less common is getting a small stack from older sets.  Say from nearly 20 years ago.

Yet, I’ve found that Brian from Play at the Plate has been good about knocking a bunch of specific set needs for my player collections.  Especially when it comes to SPx.  I think about 95% of my SPx cards have come from Brian. These particular cards were from three years ago – March 2014 – if you can believe it.  He sent a few other goodies too, but that comes later.  For now, I’ll pay tribute to the SPx king.

I wish this showed in scans better

1999 SPx retained the fake embedded medal thing, which I really enjoy.

Maybe the parallels would show well

However, what is different is that they did not number every card.

Not sure what to say here

That’s not a bad thing, necessarily.  Instead they limited the rare inserts to 100 and less in between levels.

Horizontal darkness

And then these Star Focus get turned into inserts.  In 1998 they were slightly less common subsets if I remember correctly, with their own parallels.

No matter how hard you focus, you can’t see the right side in this scan

That logo makes me miss the days of Star Search and other fun talent shows.  Maybe the ones they have on TV now are okay, but they don’t appeal to me in the same way.

What’s he hiding behind the medal?

It’s pretty cool that Brian was able to track down all three of these inserts for me, but he wasn’t done with 1999 SPx yet.

If there’s going to be an explosion, power is not a bad one to have

This Power Explosion is an easier to pull insert than the Star Focus, but I like it more.  It also means I have 3 of the 6 Frank Thomas cards from that year, so that’s even better.

Of course, even better is that I can finally give Brian his due thanks on the blog for this trade.  I promise I won’t take three years to show the second half of it.

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