2018 Cubs – Fourth Ten Games

Since I’m out of the country, I have no way to watch the Cubs in the month of June.  Gameday could be an option if the time difference wasn’t so big.  A 7pm start is actually 5:30am here.  Sadly, the team has refused all of my zero requests to stop playing the game until I return, so I have to keep up with things from afar and check box scores.

Well, I’m not doing anything with my time away from the office, except being sick and having trouble sleeping, so how about we turn back the clock a bit and look at games 31-40 to stay on track a bit.  We start with a 5 game winning streak.

Remember the rule – replacing players I collect for players of the game that I don’t collect. Soler seems to match body type to Happ

Win #17 – Ian Happ (not pictured) – Ian’s been struggling a bit, but he temporarily broke out to go 2 for 5.  Both of those hits were homers (one from each side of the plate) and accounted for 5 of 14 Cubs RBIs on the day.

Looks to be back on track

Win #18 – Carl Edwards Jr. – There was nothing spectacular on the batting front, so we look to the pitching.  The best example I could find here was Edwards Jr. with is one scoreless inning pitched.  All three outs were strikeouts and he even got the the win in relief. That reduced his ERA to 0.53 on the season at the time.

Not one of the many Donruss variations

Win #19 – Anthony Rizzo – This was a tough choice, but I decided to go with Rizzo.  He hit 3-5 with 5 RBI on the day thanks to two doubles and a 3-run homer. This was also a day where Contreras hit 2 triples and Bryant hit his 100th career home run in a blowout victory.

Speaking of Contreras

Win #20 – Willson Contreras – Two triples the day before and the next day he follows it up with a 4-5 effort.  2 doubles and 2 homers (one solo and a grand slam) means his 7 RBI game had to be the choice.

Just missed three in a row

Win #21 – Contreras – He’s back again.  This time he hit only 3-5, and only one 2-run homer, and only managed 3 RBIs, but he did leave no one on base for the second straight game.

I see you, state flag

Win #22 – Ben Zobrist – Separated from the 5 game winning streak is the only other win of this stretch.  This one was not a great offensive game for the Cubs, but Ben knocked in the winning run in the top of the 9th after the team entered the inning down 1. That hit was his only one for the game but he did also draw a walk.

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