2018 Cubs – Eighth Ten Games

The All-Star game is helping me get close to current with this series.  We’re almost at 100 games for the season.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  What was bad was the ten game stretch.  We managed a whopping 4 wins.  That’s the perfect way to follow the best stretch.  Well, it makes my job easier at least.

Bought at the NSCC for a quarter

Win #42 – Baez – He went 3-4, with 2 doubles, a triple, a stolen base (his 13th), and an unassisted double play diving to the bag after catching a liner.  Pretty solid.

From my only GQ blaster

Win #43 – Baez – Look who it is.  For his next trick, El Mago went 4-5, with 5 RBI. He only had 1 double, but made up for it with 2 homers – one solo and one grand slam.

Pulled from a pack in a Donruss box from NSCC, but with a small ding

Win #44 – Rizzo – Anthony hasn’t had the best year, but this day he was 4-5, with 3RBI, and 2 doubles. Thankfully Kershaw was still rehabbing and left early. The Dodgers bullpen fell apart and gave us a 7-run inning (Rizzo’s 3-run double came in the 7th).

From the same blaster – missing black plate version

Win #45 – Heyward – Lastly for today, Jason hit 2-4, and drove in 2 on his 5th home run of the year. That got the scoring going after being down 3-0. Russell hit a grand slam as well, but screw that guy. I don’t honor alleged abusers with my picks.

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