Two Twitter Trades In One

I normally don’t do this, but I’m going to cover two trades in one post.  I apologize in advance if either trader is disappointed in sharing the spotlight.

Twitter is becoming a more critical piece of my collecting experience.  Most bloggers are on there, and I’m slowly building up the list of people I’m following.  I’ve started buying cards on there on occasion and you’ll see some of those sales pretty soon.  In general it’s been good for me, because I have a hard time keeping up with other blogs.  I wish that wasn’t true, but so far it still is.  Tweets are easy, and quick.

And sometimes people will tweet cards I want and I ask for those cards and they’re willing to trade me those cards within a few minutes.  Other times, they’ll post a wish list and, if I have time, I might reach out and say I can help and get a trade going that way.

Considering my week of blogging trade bait didn’t go all that well, it’s great to have another avenue.  Especially since the message board route scares me.

So, let’s talk about two quick and easy deals.  First is with Robby, robbyt86 on twitter, and writer of Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff (although currently inactive).  He was looking for some 92-93 Topps Basketball cards to complete his set and I almost was able to finish the dang thing.  That set is awesome, by the way.  Possibly my favorite Topps Basketball set.


In return, he sent me a random assortment of things, although I only “needed” a couple of them.  That’s no problem though, because I wasn’t expecting anything back and I’m happy to help while getting 25 year old cards out the door.

Frank Thomas name sighting

It amazes me that I still need normal base cards from the junk wax era.  But I do.  And I will happily take those 25 year old cards off your hands as I did with Robby.  Thanks a lot!

The second trade is another two card deal.  This one came courtesy of Peter, found at PKSteinberg on Twitter and writer of Baseball Every Night.  He tweeted this pack as he’s trying to build the 2018 Stadium Club set (if you want to help the guy out).  That’s the perfect pack for me and I offered up some Darryl Strawberry cards from my childhood collection along with a couple Kruks.

Still weird to see him in that uniform

Coming back my way was this red foil Arrieta.  I know these are kind of common as far as parallels go, but I dig it.  It would have been a great candidate for my ROYGBIV post, but trades stay with trades.

Any guesses on who’s in the background?

In that same pack was this Frank Thomas chrome.  I think these are less common, maybe one or two per box or so.  I’m not sure as I haven’t bought any packs for myself.  If I can keep up the twitter trades, I doubt I’ll need to.  Thanks a lot, Peter!  I think you tapped me out of Strawberry cards, but maybe we can find a way to do another deal in the future.

At least they both know where to find me.

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