2018 Cubs – Tenth Ten Games

With this post, I am now tied for last year’s series length.  I abandoned the 2017 version of this venture back in December.  Yup, I didn’t get very far.  Life was different back then.

I’ve been able to keep up with a couple of my regular series, for the most part, which is a nice change of pace and mentally encouraging.

So, after 100 games, the Cubs had a winning record of 58-42.  I didn’t number the wins last year and don’t feel like looking it up.  Last year is over.  This year is where it’s at and we’re in the middle of a tight race to the finish, so let’s go!

The Locket year

Win #53 – Rizzo was 3-5, with two doubles and 1 RBI to tie the game on a full count, 2 out 9th inning pitch. He had a huge 0-fer before this game but came through when the team needed it. I could give this game to Baez as he’s always in the mix and creating plays, like a game-winning run by going first to home on a steal of second.

Don’t cut yourself

Win #54 – Speaking of Baez, in the next win, he hit 2-5, and knocked in 5 RBI (2-run double, 3-run homer) giving him 71 RBI on the season at this point.  Quite impressive.

His bat doesn’t feel so good

Win #55 – Rizzo again.  2-3 on the day with an intentional walk.  Once again, only 1 RBI, which made the score 6-0. There was even production from the whole team, but Rizzo had a slightly better day on the last game of the first half.

Refractor found at the NSCC

Win #56 – Heyward – 3-5, 2 RBI (one to get us on the board, one to tie the game in the middle of a big 5th inning). He also stole his first base of the season, which is a bit of a surprise.


Win #57 – Tyler Chatwood – His name hasn’t appeared on this page in a while.  5.1 innings pitched, only one hit (on solo home run to Matt Carpenter) gets him the honor.  Only 2 Ks and he did give up 6 walks, but it was still an encouraging start to his second half.

I ran out of Contreras cards

Win #58 – Willson Contreras – The All-Star went 2-4 with 2 RBI – one to tie, and one to make it 5-2 in the 8th to start to put the game away.

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